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About us

Who we are

we are Vivian (the Mexican) and Roland (the German), an adventurous binational couple of "settled" age, but with a young and cheerful heart.

Together with “Rino”, our converted Mercedes-Benz G-Class, (G500, BJ 2007) we are realizing one of our big dreams: to travel together through the beautiful American continent, starting in Argentina and maybe arriving in Alaska.

Roland is a curious “globetrotter” at heart. He loves geography, reading and researching maps / guidebooks and interacting with the locals. He is constantly on the lookout for insider tips from all corners of the world. He is also a wine connoisseur and a lover of good food.

Vivian is a creative and enterprising person. She is in love with her Latin American roots, people and culture. She is passionate about topics such as spirituality, personal development and entrepreneurship.

Under the motto “LIVING IS TODAY” we decided to embark on this new project together, sharing our passions to “explore the origins” of this beautiful Latin American diversity and show you its impressive nature, the traditions of its people, the warmth of its inhabitants and the secrets of each of its corners.

The Panamericana, from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, is certainly “the” road par excellence. And somehow it is like life itself. It goes up sometimes, down sometimes. Sometimes you have to turn around because continuing doesn’t make sense. It holds many surprises, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It takes courage and confidence to take off and throw all negative thoughts overboard.

In the end, one thing is important: just start learning and don’t stop. For us, Vivian and Roland, it is about seeing the Panamericana as a journey to try and learn. Learning, especially from the people who often do not have materially what we are so used to from Europe. But because of their connection to nature, their community life and a certain spirituality, they are often happier than we are;

Our goal

With enough time in the luggage we want to “work off” not only the top – highlights of the respective country Often it is the so-called B – or even C- sights, which are not in every travel guide, that provide an aha effect and stand for a country; Getting in touch with the people living there should also be an essential part of our trip.

But not only people and landscapes we want to get to know intensively. As a self-confessed connoisseur, culinary delights must not be neglected;

So we hope to find one or another restaurant that offers authentic local dishes. What we are not and therefore can’t and don’t want to write about: “hard core adventurers” who spend days/weeks on daring slopes and only return to civilization every now and then. This way of traveling would also be difficult for us, as it offers little contact with local people.

Also we are not “low budget” on the road, so don’t expect any savings tips where you can stay cheap, eat or experience anything else “for free”. We understand our way of traveling also as “give and take”, want to let the people earn something and give something back to the country. Therefore, “wild camping/freestanding” is rather an exception for us.

We also do not break any teeth from our “adventure – crown”, if we times our roof tent against a pension/Airbnb and the gas stove against a good restaurant to exchange This is budgeted for.

Maybe we can also inspire and motivate you, who have been thinking about doing something similar for a long time. It’s often easier than you think. Just do it! We invite you to become part of our journeys and experience this new experiment that we are creating for you with much love and dedication! Join us on this adventure!

P.S. The focus here is of course on the countries of the “Panamericana”. But since we are always on home leave in Germany, we will also report about other countries in Europe in our blog.

Vivian & Roland

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