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Life is Now

or why dreams can’t wait?

best age is now


The travel blog for your adventure in the best age


Who is behind it?

We are Vivian (the Mexican) und Roland (the German, both in the
best Age for a new challenge in life. Together with Rino (who is Rino?) to drive down the longest road in the world!


Who do we want to inspire here and take along on our ride? Of course, all who like to travel individually, but especially people (over 50 ūüėä), who have been putting off their lifelong dream for a long time.

Who does not know them, our “popular” beliefs, doubts and fears?

  • I’m too old for that (everything in its time)
  • But what if…?
  • I’ve always had a hard time with that
  • What do our friends, family etc… say about it?
  • How is this supposed to work financially?

That’s how it was for us, of course, but at some point “unreasonableness” won out and we said to ourselves:

Just do it and try it out! Because your best age is: NOW!

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